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My financial advisor turns me onto a good opportunity with a movie studio for a short 30 day bridge loan. It paid out 50% flat. Incredible return and sounds nuts I know, but it's the real deal. I receive the information to wire the funds and do so. After faxing over the document, I call to confirm it was complete and that I had all of the necessary information to complete the wire transfer. I speak with April Cortez, a rather useless drone who informs me that I forgot to fax the first page and that I'd need to include a photocopy of my ID. I ask if there was anything else I needed since there was a line on the form saying that in some situations that you may have to send a notarized letter. "No" she replies so I logically assume that my scenario wasn't one of those situations or maybe the amount I was transferring was insufficient to trigger this necessity. I redo the fax to include both pages and my id.

The next day, the day the funds are due, Friday the 18th, I get a cancellation confirmation from Etrade when I login to confirm the funds are transferred. I call to investigate why. I get in touch with the same useless drone and she apologizes for not mentioning that I needed a notarized letter.

So simply put, the Etrade customer service rep (April Cortez), not paying attention, cost me five thousand dollars. Angry doesn't even cut it. I think it goes without saying that I will not continue to do business with this institution.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #655146

If you are faxing to an account in your name, then no notarization is required. You were clearly faxing to an account not in your name.

You most likely told the Rep that you were wiring to "your" account at another firm when really it wasn't your account.

This one is on you, Slick.

You may lack the intelligence to do stuff like this. Maybe you should stop.

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