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We had a small account with them that had $10,000 plus in stocks. Needless to say, it went down in value recently and they started to pile on their maintenance charges.

I decided to close it and get the cash. Easier said than done. I started the process October 7th, there have been glitches galore, and now, to add insult to injury, they are charging me $10 for a check. I still don't have the money.

I had a checking account with them that they could have used, a wire to our bank account that they could have used, or just a plain free check. I will be back in the market but will go with any other company doing this sort of thing. I have never complained in print about a company, but these are bad folks to deal with. I can't imagine that their enthusiasm to get the float on every $ won't *** them in the ......

in the end.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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